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About us


Saint Mary School is a private, Catholic-oriented educational institution, founded since 1979.  Since its beginnings, Saint Mary School has been characterized by upbringing principled people and builders of a better world; providing the necessary tools for students to develop their potential and talents to the fullest.

We offer an education process of the highest level through a 100% bilingual, sport, cultural, ecological, and technological education based on values in order to become an innovative community that prepares human beings with deep moral and supportive values, and a solid academic formation; they are capable of leading national progress.

Our journey begins at "La Casita del Turrón”, a preschool founded in 1976 by the Aubert Pacheco family. In 1979, thus arose, Saint Mary School, a bilingual elementary school that consisted of a preschool named in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, obtaining in 1980 the approval of the Costa Rican Superior Council of Education. In 1997 the academic offer was extended to high school levels, successfully graduating the first generation in 2002. Committed to continuous improvement, Saint Mary School obtained the accreditation of the International Baccalaureate Program in 2015.

Religion and Values are two of the foundations on which our teaching philosophy rests; supporting family union and child development. Catholic students are prepared for First Communion and Confirmation.

Saint Mary School has a large number of foreign students which helps instill tolerance, respect and a cultural exchange. These are pillars of the Institution and directly support our values program.

Our facilities are set up to support students as they master a wide range of subjects. There are computer and science laboratories, designated classrooms for drama and art, two libraries, a cafeteria, playgrounds for preschool and elementary school students, soccer field, multipurpose field, athletics track and specialized gym for smaller children.

State-of-the-art technology is offered for the development of lessons, with interactive whiteboards, computer equipment in laboratories and classrooms, and tablets in preschool, which enhance the learning experience.



We believe that as people we grow from our relationships with the world and with others.


We believe that academic excellence is developed by focusing on competencies and enhancing the competences, skills, and values necessary for success.


We believe in a spiritual education because that is the way to connect our mind and heart.


Saint Mary is committed to promote an educational process of the highest level through bilingual education, sports, cultural and technological training. It is based on Catholic values and provides the necessary tools so that students can develop their potential and talents to the fullest to become principled people and builders of a better world.


To be an innovative Educational Community, generating human beings with deep moral values, supportive, empathetic, safe and happy with a solid academic background, capable of leading national development.