Complementary Study Programs and Extracurricular Activities | Saint Mary School Costa Rica

Complementary Programs

Catholic Religion

At our school, academics are complemented by religious instruction. Education in values ​​is very important and the different creeds are respected.

Our catholic students are prepared for First Communion and Confirmation through catechesis.


School Support Department

We acknowledge children and young people as integral beings. The service of the Support Department is provided so that all students have psychological and psycho-pedagogical support. We work together with the family and external specialists to achieve the specific objectives of each student, at an academic, social and emotional level.

The team of specialists in PSYCHOLOGY, PSYCHOPEDAGOGY and SPECIAL EDUCATION, converges on an interdisciplinary approach to the promotion of learning and attention to the specific needs of our students and their families.

After School for Preschool and Elementary

In order to support parents with an extended schedule for their children in a safe place, we offer the After School service, where students are given the possibility of learning, leisures and spacing activities in which they develop their skills. They have lunchtime, nap time (if required,) and free playtime. The distribution within the day is according to the ages of the children.

The After School service can be enrolled on a regular or occasional basis, at an additional cost depending on the schedule.

Strong Areas, Extracurricular Activities, and Clubs

Considering individual differences, students' skills are developed through different clubs and special activities, such as drama, gymnastics, karate, band, choir, volleyball, soccer, athletics, robotics, preparation for Math Olympics, cooking, guitar, and piano, among others.

Strong areas at Preeschool and Elementary School and extracurricular activities in High School are optional and free, and they include sports teams. Clubs are optional at an extra cost.