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Academic Programs


The Preschool stage is one of the most important in life; from birth to six years of age is where the foundations of what the person will be in the future are set. This is why, at Saint Mary, we offer a comprehensive education covering each and every area of the child's development, and also placing the values as the main core of our program.

The methodology in Preschool is based on Learning Centers, through which meaningful learning is achieved in all areas of development. It responds to diverse learning styles, and it adapts to project-based learning and integrated curriculum.

In preschool, we have Nursery to Preparatory level.

Elementary School

Our program is based on the Literary Curriculum of The Literary Tree. It has a comprehensive themed-based approach for teaching primary English that places children's literature at its core. Students explore more than 90 literary texts and experience at least 75 significant authors as they progress throughout the school.

The literary curriculum allows students to learn while having fun immersed in literature, which has been carefully chosen to capture their attention, promote skill development and their progress.

High School

Our learning approach is based on education for life, in order for our Saint Mary School graduates to stand out and make a great difference both in college and in the working world. Our students excel for their comprehensive formation. The heart, mind and spirit are strengthened through an innovative educational approach in which socio-emotional skills, cooperation, research, criticality and autonomy are promoted to achieve academic excellence.

We offer the National Baccalaureate option and the Diploma Program in the International Baccalaureate; both programs are of the highest quality.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is an optional two-year program that takes place at the tenth and eleventh year levels.