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Learning Method

Learning Methods at Saint Mary School

Saint Mary School is a private institution that, as any company, is governed by the provisions of the Ministry of Health. We have strengthened our facilities, technological equipment, and staff to address the challenges we have faced in the last years.

Our mode of instruction is in-person. In the event of an internal or NATIONAL-level emergency, we have the capability to offer in-person, virtual, or hybrid modes as needed.


In-person Learning (CAI)

Our institution was granted the CAI permit by the Ministry of Health. It allows preschool children to attend school 100% in person.

The service is offered at all levels in preschool: Nursery, Toddlers, Pre Kinder, Kinder, and Preparatory.


Virtual Learning

In order to promote new environments for skill and knowledge acquisition, we use the Google for Education ecosystem. It is a safe tool through which students can work collaboratively in real time, no matter where they are.

The Google tools allow students to work in a single space during the learning process by using MEET for their virtual lessons, Classroom for the class material and work submission, and Calendar to get organized on a daily basis, among other tools.

In order to bring the best academic experience to our students, our personnel are going through a Google Educator levels 1 and 2 certification process. It accredits them in the use of Google Workspace applications, focusing on the education field.

To reinforce the learning and teaching process of our students, teachers also use the benefits of other platforms such as White Rose, Peardeck, Jamboard, Nearpod, Kahoot, Vooks, and Mathletics, among others.


Hybrid Learning

The hybrid model is offered in Elementary School and High School, combining the in-person and the virtual learning.

Groups are divided into two subgroups under a rotation system: each group attends Monday through Friday on their corresponding week. The following week, they rotate.

We make sure that our students--both in-person and in virtual models, take their lessons and interact with their teachers. To achieve this objective, the institution has specialized software and hardware. The lessons are broadcast live through the internet, using interactive boards, webcams, microphones, and panoramic cameras, in addition to a robust bandwidth.

First grade children take in-person lessons to provide them with the support they need.