Admissions - 40 Years of Academic Excellence | Saint Mary School Costa Rica


Saint Mary School is a Catholic institution with more than 40 years of experience, shaping students in academic excellence and solid values. We know that your children's future depends on a good education; we provide them with the right tools to become successful.

At Saint Mary School, we comply with the national school calendar; the school year starts in February and it finishes by the end of November. We also conduct an adaptation program for those students coming from abroad or for those who wish to move from an international calendar to the local one.

Contact our Admissions Department by filling out the form, sending us a text on WhatsApp (506) 8620 9049 , or sending an email to

We offer in site visits and virtual meetings, according to the family's preference.


  • Parents are interviewed by the psychologists.
  • Admission test for Kindergarten, Preparatory, Elementary School and High School.
  • The minimum age required for the level as of February 15 of the year of enrollment:
Nursery 1 year old
Toddlers 2 years old
Pre kindergarten 3 years old
Kindergarten 4 years old
Preparatory 5 years old
First Grade 6 years old
  • Photocopy of residence card or passport for foreign students.
  • Photocopy of the up-to-date vaccination record.
  • Three recent passport-sized photographs.
  • Photocopy of identity card of the parents, residence card or passport if they are foreigners.
  • Hearing and vision screening.
  • Fill in the Registration Form and Service Contract.
  • Complete image consent permissions.
  • Student record and grades from other institutions, when applicable.
  • When applicable, financial Record issued by the institution of origin.


Foreign Students: It applies for Elementary School and High School students.

In addition to the above:

  • Grades of the last school year the student attended. Documents must have an apostille:
    • Signature and seal of the school of origin.
    • Signature and seal of the governmental entity regulating education in the country of origin.
    • Signature and seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin.


There is an annual enrollment fee, both for new and current students, to book the following year's space. Monthly tuition is paid during 11 months, from February until December. A 7% discount is applied when annual tuition is paid in full. For a third child, there is a 25% discount, a 50% discount for the fourth child, and a 75% discount for the fifth child in the monthly tuition.

International Baccalaureate

It is an optional program conducted during 10th and 11th grades of high school. A $170 monthly fee is paid during 22 months, starting February of the first year until the month of December of the last year. This fee is additional to the regular high school tuition.

None of the payments made for any of the above mentioned fees or tuition are refundable.


2022 Fees

School Level
Current Student Enrollment Fee
New Student Enrollment Fee
Monthly Tuition
Materials, Digital licenses and other fees
Nursery ₵150 000 ₵212 000 ₵227 000 ₵30 000
Toddlers ₵161 000 ₵212 000 ₵243 000 ₵32 000
Prekinder ₵188 000 ₵228 000 ₵252 000 ₵32 000
Kinder ₵209 000 ₵265 000 ₵306 000 ₵32 000
Preparatory ₵246 000 ₵302 000 ₵402 000 ₵32 000
Elementary School ₵284 000 ₵334 000 ₵470 000 ₵22 000
High School ₵321 000 ₵371 000 ₵520 000 ₵22 000

The amount for materials, books, and other fees include the following: Digital licenses, “Emergencias Médicas” service, student insurance, and the art materials fee. In preschool, it includes all the material used during class. It is paid during 10 months.